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Bayside Playhouse &
Occasional Care

3 Beaumont Street Sandringham VIC 3191

Tel: (03) 9597 0127
Fax: (03) 9597 0127 ABN: 52 864 947 570

Playhouse is open during Victorian school terms except public holidays. Limited services are also available during term breaks.

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Bayside Playhouse & Occasional Care

Childcare & Playgroups in a Fun, Nurturing & Affordable Environment

We offer occasional/sessional childcare and playgroup opportunities for Bayside residents.

• Venue for children to learn and play together
• Meeting place for parents, guardians and care givers
• Available to families residing in the City of Bayside (Melbourne) or families who work in City of Bayside but live beyond Bayside.

Our Playhouse provides a great place for you to meet other parents/guardians who live in the same community and interact with your children in a different environment. Or simply enjoy a few hours break while you leave your child in our care.

Children interact with other pre-school children in a safe and stimulating environment, allowing them to make new and exciting discoveries and developments.


Our Philosophy

Early childhood is a crucial time in the development of children and we work with children and their families to ensure the best possible start in life. We provide a nurturing and natural environment where each child feels valued and safe to explore, create and communicate.

We believe a love of learning is one of the greatest gifts you can give a child and our stimulating, natural learning environments are designed to encourage wellbeing, wonder and belonging.

Our fun, play-based activities give children the chance to express their ideas, imagine and experiment while learning. Importantly, Playhouse reflects the diversity of the communities our children are a part of.